Is Your Dog Itchy?

There are a few questions you should be ready to answer when you bring your dog into the hospital for an examination.

Preparing for dog's veterinarian visit

Help our staff with valuable information

Because your pet cannot speak, ou staff relies on you to provide information that will help us rule out possible causes of skin diseases and determine an accurate diagnosis.

Whether you're seeing a new veterinarian for the first time or your long-time veterinarian, make sure you have the answers to the questions he or she is most likely to ask.

Pet history

  • 1.How long have you had your dog or cat?
  • 2.Where did you get your dog or cat?
  • 3.How old was your dog or cat when you adopted it?
  • 4.Have you traveled outside the area with your dog or cat?
  • 5.What other pets, if any, do you have in your household?
  • 6.Do any of them have a skin problem?
  • 7.What is your pet's schedule?
  • 8.Did your pet's parents or siblings have any health problems?

Exercise and nutrition

  • 9.What brand of pet food do you feed your dog or cat? How often? How much?
  • 10.What treats or other foods do you give your pet?
  • 11.Describe how much exercise your pet gets? When, where, how often often?
  • 12.How is your pet's appetite normally? Is it different?
  • 13.How much water does your pet drink normally? Has it changed?


  • 14.Does your dog or cat seem more energetic? Less energetic?
  • 15.Have you noticed any significant changes in your pet's behavior? (withdrawn, aggression, irritability, barking, jumping, chewing)
  • 16.How often is your pet scratching? Does it interrupt sleep or play?
  • 17.Are you experiencing any behavior problems with your pet?

Medical history

  • 18.Has your dog or cat been vaccinated? If so, against what diseases and when?
  • 19.What medications is your pet currently taking or recently taken?
  • 20.What health problems has your pet had in the past? (Bring copies of any medical records)
  • 21.Is your pet urinating and defecating normally? Does your pet have loose stools or diarrhea? Does your pet have accidents?
  • 22.Has your pet lost or gained weight recently?
  • 23.What signs have prompted you to make this appointment? What has you worried?

What questions do you have for our staff?

Write your questions down before you go, so you can refer to them during your visit.

Talk to your veterinarian about costs

Sometimes pet owners and veterinarians feel awkward talking about money. If you are concerned about budget, be open with our staff about your financial situation. Don't be embarrassed to ask about costs or to ask for an estimate. You can also talk to our staff about pet insurance.

What to take with you:

  • Copies of any pet medical records
  • Current or recent medications and supplements
  • A fresh stool sample

This information was adapted from a Zoetis web site "My Pet Itches". Click on the link to learn more. This site is full of useful information, excellent explanations, and pictures.

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